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The Bead Relief monthly give back club is the best way to get the coolest bracelet stacks and special edition products. We will send you an awesome special curated bracelet stack that will be delivered to your doorstep every month!


Who picks the bracelets?:

Our design team curates al of the bracelet stacks. Sometimes you will get 1 charity stack with seed bead, or wraps, natural stone bracelets, and even special edition or 1 of a kind bracelet that our design team creates. The stacks can be equal to $50 worth of bracelets, and don't worry we aren't stingy! We want you to get the most bang for you buck! 

What charities will you be supporting?:

Your 25% donation will be disbursed between all of our charity partners. You will be supporting over 40 charity partners with 1 product every month, pretty cool right?!

When will you receive the bracelets?:

We will ship your bracelet stacks at the same time every month. So, if you ordered them the first of the month we will ship them the first of the month. If you ordered at the end of the month we will ship your bracelets at the end of the month! Its as simple as that!

*No coupon codes valid on the Monthly Club.


Note: Orders ship out within 24 hours of purchase. Your card will be charged $14.95+tax

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