Millikan Middle School for LA Family Housing Bracelet

Hi we're Kayla Isenberg and Phoebe Perkins from the Millikan Middle School. We are in 7th grade and apart of the Civics Academy. Each year we are lucky enough to do a sustainable activism project. This year we are proud to be working with Bead Relief to fund raise for the compost bins LA Family Housing asked for.

LA Family Housing is a non profit organization that houses homeless families and individuals a period of time and provides them with everything they may need at the residency, jobs and permanent housing. Donating compost bins will help to provide a cleaner environment and will allow the residents to feel responsible and that they made a difference in their community. Buying this bracelet will not only help our project but most importantly help others who need it.

This Bracelet design was inspired by our collaboration with Kayla and Phoebe from the Millikan Middle School, and is used to raise awareness and donations for LA Family Housing. Each bracelet is hand made using our unique beads, elastic band, and finished with our signature copper BEAD RELIEF tag. Each bracelet is $6.00 and 25% of your purchase will be donated to Support LA Family Housing.
LA Family Housing