Our Story

A new year had just begun, and the holiday season was not far in the rearview mirror. John Gornik and Greg Elias had returned to their jobs in software sales, canvasing the LA terrain on a daily basis, and neither felt satisfied. Life had resumed its frustrating tendency to focus on receiving, rather than the gift of giving.

 On the morning of January 9th, 2013, John and Greg decided to break that sad tendency once and for all, and Bead Relief was born. Their lives would now be focused on giving back to those less fortunate, and their friendship and passion has since raised over $75,000 in charitable contributions. Bead Relief, which is headquartered in the heart of Downtown LA, has worked with over 80 different charity partners since inception. The mantra of the business, which doubles as its slogan, is clear and concise: Wear Your Charity.


The process is simple. Charity partners are invited into the beautifully decorated Bead Relief office, where they get to work hand in hand with founders John and Greg to design a bracelet which uniquely represents their cause. The bracelets are then sold on the Bead Relief website and at retailers across the country.

 This is where things get interesting: Bead Relief then donates 25% of gross revenue on each and every bracelet sale to the specific charity which the bracelet represents! 



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