Official Reward Page for Quincy Jones's Kickstarter Comedy Campaign!

Thank you for making Quincy's dream come true! You helped him not only produce the special of his dreams, but you were a part of him getting on Ellen! Which led to us airing the special on HBO!!!! We are all a part of creating this magical moment! 
Quincy Jones Campaign Bracelets
To claim your reward and receive the bracelets that Quincy hand designed himself, please fill out the information below so we can send them to you! 
You must fill this out before 5pm on Wednesday, August 17, 2016. We will not be able to accept any late requests. We will be ordering and shipping all the bracelets at one time. Thank you for your cooperation. 
Each eligible Kickstarter donor will receive one pack of Quincy's bracelets. 
Shipping may take between 4-6 weeks. Quincy Jones 5-Pack

Click Here to View Sizing Chart!