How We Invest

Our Charity Partners 

We are currently partnered with over 40 non-profit partners and work with many other charitable organizations. The charity network that we have created is what truly makes Bead Relief possible. Without our charity network we would be selling handmade beaded bracelets, but the beautiful thing is that each bracelet is designed by the charity and supports their cause! We not only partner with them, but we try to work as closely with each partner as possible. We constantly work with our local partners in Los Angeles, doing bracelet-making classes with the Kids at A Place called home, The Harold Robinson Foundation, Saving Innocence, and the Young and Brave Foundation. Its truly amazing seeing the kids faces when you work with them to created something that is unique and truly their own. Our charity partners that aren't local to Los Angeles we still raise awareness for on a daily basis. We are consistently promoting every charity partner thought our social media channels and are fully focused on promoting their cause! These are the types of organizations that we are passionate about working with. 

Our Local Community 

Volunteering within our local community is one of our main objectives at Bead Relief. We volunteer our time with our local charity partners as much as possible. As mentioned above, the beading classes that do dedicate our time to while working with these charities and kids is a essential to their growth and helps them focus on creating something unique. Another way that we contribute to our local community is by having our entire natural stone bracelet line handmade in right here in the USA, more specifically, Los Angeles, CA! Project Angel Food's volunteer's hand make the bulk of our natural stone line, and we also get some bracelet made by local artisans in Los Angeles.

Brand Ambassadors 

This is one of our favorite programs at Bead Relief, because we really get to connect with dedicate individuals from all around the country that are passionate about making a difference. Our ambassador program enables individuals to raise awareness and donations for our partners while at the same time earning some hard earned money for themselves. We also provide them with options to hold their own events using our bracelets and are always open to all of their ideas. They contribute with photography and give their advice on ways that we can improve our company, which truly helps us grow as a whole! If you are interested in learning more check out the brand ambassador page in the footer of our website!

Wear Your Charity 

This is the core of our business. Wearing Your Charity is a simple concept that goes a long way. This simply means, join the Bead Relief movement by finding a charity partner that's close to your heart, purchasing a bracelet that gives back to that organization, and raising awareness for and spreading that organizations message! This is what has always driven us to grow as a company and encourage people to grow with us.

Supporting Artisans 

Not only do we support artisans in the USA, but we also support artisans in India! Our entire natural stone line is made in Los Angeles, CA, and all of our seed bead bracelets are handmade in India! When we started our company we made every bracelet we sold by hand, and quickly we had a problem. It was a good problem, because we couldn't keep up with demand. We want to support artisans and we wanted to do it in an area that could truly use the business. So we researched artisan communities in India. We found an artisan community that has made our bracelet since the beginning and we have never change manufacturers since. We are proud to support India!