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Brave survivors of child sex trafficking tell their amazing stories with our beads!

About a month ago we did a beading class with some of the survivors at Saving Innocence. Saving Innocence works to end child sex trafficking, they also empower and provide aid and restore victims of child sex trafficking. We thought to our selves, how can we help share the stories of these survivors and empower people to spread their message. Our bracelets are to be worn as a vehicle for change, aid, and awareness so we thought why not do it with our bracelets!

With Devine and Harmony's help we designed a bracelet that they thought best represented themselves and could be the vehicle to tell their story! Every bracelet that we sell we donate 25% of the sale to support each survivor. The money that is donated will be used to support the lively hood of the girls and help them follow their passion. Below you can read about their story and support their cause.

These Bracelets were inspired by our partnership with Saving Innocence, and the brave survivors that have risen above child sex trafficking. We designed these bracelet with Harmony & Devine at the Saving Innocence house. These courageous survivors have chosen the name's Harmony and Devine to protect their identities.These bracelets are to be used to raise awareness and donations for their cause and to be a vehicle to tell Harmony & Devine's story. Here are their stories:

Harmony’s Story:

I was 16, I was hopeless, empty, I wanted love and answers. When I met him, he promised me all the things I didn't have. I was exploited for two years, and worked the streets all over LA. I have been out for two years- I will be 20 years old next month. I am pursuing my school goals, and purchasing this bracelet will help me reach my goals and gain independence. It represents hope because through it all I always had hope to know one day I wouldn't need to exploit my body to gain love.

This is the bracelet Harmony designed.

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Devine’s Story:

I was 14, moving group home to group home. I had an unsupportive family and reunification never happened. The last time I ran away I didn’t have shelter, food, or clothes, and most of all love. I was tricked into making money to get those things. I only got shelter and did not receive any of the things that meant most to me - and in the next two years, I lost the real me. I finally got out because I was pregnant. I wanted more for my child and myself. I’ve been working on achieving my dreams ever since. I am a single mother pursuing on a degree in Child Development and working part time as administrative assistant. Purchasing this bracelet will help my son and I get out of transitional housing. It represents joy because I am finding happiness after overcoming years of trauma and abuse. Thank you for your support and for not judging me.

This is the bracelet Devine designed.

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This is Saving Innocence
Bead Relief beading class with survivors Harmony & Devine at Saving Innocence house

Saving Innocence

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Learn More About Saving Innocence

We Partnered with Saving Innocence to End Child Sex Trafficking and to Empower victims and survivors of Human Trafficking and Sex Trafficking.
Saving innocence’s vision is to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children and restore the cultural values of innocence and human worth.
Saving Innocence prevents, rescues, and restores the lives of children that have been affected by human trafficking. Saving Innocence is different because they are so active and engaged with people that they save. They also provide a dedicated guardian for each survivor that mentors them and guides them back to a trafficking free life!

Watch this video to learn more...

Saving Innocence BraceletSaving Innocence Bracelet Combo StackSaving Innocence Bracelet 5-pack