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The Samburu Project

Learn About the Samburu Project

We partnered with the Samburu Project to save lives in the Samburu district of Kenya. Women and Children have to walk over 20 miles a day just to retrieve fresh drinking water. A lot of the water that they end of bringing back to camp is full of germs, diseases, and other harmful things. The weather in Kenya is also very unforgiving and can reach extremely high temperatures that can easily dehydrate the women and children who are going to find clean water.

The Samburu Project is an amazing organization that raises money to build water wells in the Samburu district of Kenya. Founder, Kristen Krosinski, was on her life long dream trip to Africa. She quickly discovered that the quality on life for the communities in Kenya needed to be improved. She has dedicated her life to the people Africa.

Water in Africa

Learn more about the cause by watching this video!