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Ozzy Foundation
Health care decisions for your pet should be based on quality of life, not finances. The Ozzy Foundation was formed with this belief in mind, to help pet guardians with the financial costs of veterinarian bills and provide a supportive place for those caring for a chronically-ill pet.

Ozzy Claver, 2003-2012
In November 2006, our cat, Ozzy, who was 4½ years old at the time, was diagnosed with kidney failure. We discovered that he was most likely born with abnormally-shaped kidneys, affecting their ability to properly function. After a weekend at the vet ICU, where Ozzy received continuous IV fluids, medication and a special diet, we were told Ozzy's chances of living a quality life were fair to good, as long as we kept up with administering fluids, feeding him a special diet, and getting him to drink a lot of water. It's been a challenging road, emotionally and financially.

The Ozzy Foundation is here to help others with pets that have a chronic illness get through this time.

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