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Irma Lyons Legacy Project

The Legacy Project Bracelet

This Bracelet Represents and raises money for the construction of a primary school in southern Ethiopia to celebrate the life of irma lyons, an inspiring educator who saw the inner light and bright future in everyone.


Your Bracelet Purchase Helps Build A School In Ethiopia!

Irma Lyons

 Irma Lyons was a visionary and compassionate educator who positively touched the lives of countless children and their families in Los Angeles.

To celebrate the life of Irma, her friends and family will fund a new primary school in Ethiopia, to be built by April 2017. The school project will live on as a powerful legacy for Irma’s husband, children, past students, families, and friends. They will provide countless out of school children living in one of the poorest nations in the world the opportunity to go to school and have access to a quality education for generations to come.

Join in this mission by becoming one of the legacy builders. Be a person who nourishes the hopes and dreams of others to create a better world. Together, we are building a school to help thousands of children in Ethiopia realize their hopes and dreams of getting an education.

This project is led by imagine1day USA Foundation board member Mary Anna Noveck (pictured above in Ethiopia) and Irma’s children, Taina and JA-Lamar Lyons. For more information, please contact Mary Anna on +1.310.463.4055 or by email.

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