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We Partnered with Saving Innocence to End Child Sex Trafficking and to Empower victims and survivors of Human Trafficking and Sex Trafficking.
Saving innocence’s vision is to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children and restore the cultural values of innocence and human worth.
Saving Innocence prevents, rescues, and restores the lives of children that have been affected by human trafficking. Saving Innocence is different because they are so active and engaged with people that they save. They also provide a dedicated guardian for each survivor that mentors them and guides them back to a trafficking free life!

Our Survivor Campaign:

This campaign was created to empower survivors of human trafficking. We want to raise awareness and tell the story of the survivors with our bracelets. We are planning to launch this campaign December

How the Campaign will work:

  1. We are hosting a group of Saving Innocence survivors at our office for a bracelet-making day.
  2. At the end of the day each survivor will pick his or her favorite bracelet and we will name the design after the name of the survivor to empower him or her.
  3. We are going to have a page on our website that shares story of the survivors and what they have endured.
  4. We will put their bracelets into production and have them for sale on our website.
  5. The bracelet will be used to remember and raise awareness for the survivors.
  6. The donations from the bracelet will be donated to a scholarship fund for each survivor that will help them pay for school, dance classes, art, or whatever their interests are.

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