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Long Beach Ronald McDonald House

Learn About the Cause

We first learned about the Ronald McDonald House when our two founders (John and Greg) use to volunteer there at their first job out of college. They really loved the work they did and when they started Bead Relief they thought it would be a great way to help support their cause. 

The Long Beach Ronald McDonald House in Long Beach is an amazing facility that houses that families of critically ill children. When families have children who are sick and in the hospital the families spend thousands of dollars on housing during their child's stay. The Ronald McDonald house provides a solution to this problem. All House are located near children's hospitals, and they provide free housing during their child's hospital stay. 

This amazing organization has housed thousands of families across the country and have saved lives in the process! Last year the Long Beach House alone house 600 families, and their volunteers provided more that 11,000 hours of support and service.

Learn more about the house by watching this video!