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We partnered with Jesse Billauer and his amazing organization, Life Rolls On, to make sure that people who are affected by paralysis can live a happy and exciting life. from day one, Jesse's Story was so powerful that it truly touched our hearts. He is such an amazing guy and we are so proud to represent him and Life Rolls On.
Life Rolls On emerged from necessity. Junior US surfer Jesse Billauer was a breath away from turning pro when a wave slammed him into a sandbar. Paralyzed instantly. As months went by, it became clear the paralysis was permanent. Obviously, the physical had changed. But Jesse's spirit remained indomitable. Jesse knew he needed to get back to the surf. But there was no path for this; no adaptive equipment for people with spinal cord injuries; no one to follow. So Jesse created a path. He worked with the surf community to create adaptive equipment, and went on to be the only paralyzed surfer to tackle the big waves of Fiji, and compete at the US Open of Surfing.

In his soul, Jesse knew he had a responsibility to bring this freedom to others. So he created Life Rolls On, which now hosts free events on both coasts and improves quality of life for thousands. These events are called "They Will Surf Again" and "They Will Skate Again".
Though action sports Jesse has transformed the lives of thousands.