Caroline Stanley

Caroline Stanley Bracelet

This bracelet was designed by Caroline Stanley of Sky Blue FC. This bracelet was designed to raise awareness for The Young and Brave Foundation and the young brave warriors who are battling cancer. 

"My impression thus far working with and seeing the warriors and volunteers we have at Y&B is that they are all dreamers. “Head stuck in the clouds” as my mom used to always say, but what a great place to be. I want these children, or anyone, to see these bracelets and be told a story. A story about my personal heroes, the children braver than I’ll ever be, and stronger than I’ll ever be. More compassionate and pure of heart than I’ll ever be." - Caroline Stanley

This is what Caroline wanted to the bracelet to represent:

The white, and various shades of light blue/dark blue beads do not only represent “sky blue” but to also represent dreamers, those whose heads are stuck in the clouds. Caroline chose these colors, because it reminds me of being a kid, and feeling joy and peace from just gazing up at the big white clouds rolling by. It also reminds her of the ocean. The water. The deep blue eyes of a child I met last year who was declared terminal. The bluest eyes I had ever seen and the biggest, whitest, smile I had ever seen. Genuine beauty. The most beautiful soul I had met. Who knew how their story ended, but lived as though they were infinite.

It is important to accept that all days are not going to feel great. There will be trials and triumphs, thus the gray beads and the yellow beads for the sunshine. The sunshine that we are so blessed to feel every single day, that so many can’t. The Multi-colored band stands for the rainbow at the end of every storm. Because the storm will pass, the pain will end, and all we are left with is love. Love is all we have. 

The Young and Brave Foundation is dedicated to helping today’s youth beat cancer.  We aim to help these brave fighters and their families overcome the challenges and hardships brought upon by cancer. Built on the foundation of LOVE we exist to inspire, encourage, inform, as well as to invest directly into treatment and recovery. We do so through networking, individual fundraising drives, community building, and financial 
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