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Join Our Rep Program!

Bead Relief strives to serve our non-profit partners and our community. If you are a driven person who wants to join our movement by wearing your charity and spreading our message you have to become a brand ambassador! You will get cool promo gear, promo codes to give out to friends, and receive special offers before anyone.

Another great thing about our ambassador program is that you can get even more involved in the wear your charity movement by researching possible charity partners, getting involved in product and bracelet design, volunteering at events, and much more. 

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  • Laikyn Dawn says...

    I would love to be one of your ambassadors! This is a wonderful business!

    On Aug 11, 2015

  • Gibbie Flowers says...

    I would love to be part of your movement! I am particularly passionate about any charities having to do with Cancer research, support, funding, etc. and the same initiatives for mental illness. Please let me know how I can get more involved in helping to research charities, volunteer opportunities and design. Thank you so much!!

    On Jun 05, 2015

  • Sorelle cohen says...

    Would love to help out in whatever way I can. Great meeting!

    On Mar 20, 2015

  • Gina Murdoch says...

    Hi! I’d love to help to spread the word about Bead Relief! I love the style of all of the products that you offer, and the fact that each one sends money to a worthy cause truly warms my heart. I have a special place in my heart for charities dealing with mental illness (I myself suffer from anxiety), as well as those dealing with animals. I am planning on sharing my amazing new pieces with friends as well as the clients in the salon I work in, and cannot wait to encourage their purchases for their favorite charities as well. The bohemian vibe of Bead Relief pieces fit the style of so many of my friends and loved ones, so I know they’ll be excited about your brand! If you’d have me, I’d love to partner alongside Bead Relief and spread the word even further!! Thanks for your consideration. :)

    On Mar 19, 2015

  • Lauri says...

    I would to wear these and help spread the message. I am a Reiki Master with my own
    healing practice and would also love to share these with my clients and fellow practitioners!

    Thank you,
    Lauri, CRM

    On Mar 11, 2015

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