Bead Relief


As you might already know, every month we select a new charity of the month and that charity gets there own one of a kind natural stone bracelet. When selected the charity gets to collaborate with us on stone selection, design, and 25% of all the sales of that bracelet go specifically to that charity partner.

This November, we want to show how Love Beats Cancer, so we decided to choose The Young and Brave Foundation! This is such a remarkable charity that is doing truly amazing and hands on work with Children who have cancer or other critical diseases.

This is their story:

Two amazing and brave founders Nathaniel Curran and Matt Coulter were hit with a devastating blow, when a loved one was diagnosed with the unthinkable: cancer. It was a complete shock to all, and no one knew quite where to turn. Not ones to sit on the sidelines, Nathaniel and Matt jumped into action; helping raise money to cover medical expenses, creating community awareness and offering support to their friend in need. It was the fight for life that occurred after the diagnosis that truly opened their eyes to the harsh realities of cancer. From this experience, Nathaniel and Matt’s passion for helping others was born.

Less than a Month ago we did an amazing beading class at the Mattel Children’s Hospital and to work with these guys and see the impact that they have is absolutely amazing! Please support the Young and Brave Foundation today with their one of a kind natural stone bracelet. It is made of black labradorite, their custom seed bead pattern and a 14k Gold plated BR Tag. When you wear this bracelet wear it proud and spread their message of how Love Beats Cancer!