Bead Relief

Bead Relief: Official Bracelet Sponsor of the Abbott Kinney Festival!

Bead Relief booth at the Abbot Kinney Festival

Since its start in 1984, the Abbott Kinney Festival in Venice has notoriously been one of SoCal’s most popular festivals. For nearly thirty years, tens of thousands of people spend a Sunday in September in the heart and soul of Venice — the famed Abbott Kinney Boulevard — to enjoy free music, local food, fashion and eclectic art.

Each year, the festival attracts over 150,000 people and more than 100 vendors.

And this year, the festival got a bit bigger and a lot beadier.

Yes, beadier.

For the first time, AKF partnered with an official bracelet sponsor and chose Bead Relief‘s beads to represent the festival. Each festival-goer who donated $10 or more to the festival received a complimentary and custom-made AKF Bead Relief bracelet.

In addition to displaying and selling the beads at the entrance to the festival, Bead Relief bracelets were sold at four other vendor booths in the event. And, of course, there was an official Bead Relief booth, where founders John Gornik and Greg Elias sold bracelets and shared their mission with the ever-eager shoppers. “The ambiance of the event was among one of our favorites,” John, an LA-native said. “It was such a great event.”

According to John, the people at the AKF were some of the friendliest and most engaged shoppers. It seemed the attendees truly understood Bead Relief’s mission to not only support local philanthropy, but to proudly and explicitly show support by wearing the colorful bracelets.

The bohemian-chic shopping district has never looked more colorful, thanks to everyone supporting Bead Relief’s generous, yet simple cause. Give. Share. Help. Wear.