Bead Relief

Get Involved with Bead Relief

Bead Relief’s mission is to raise awareness and encourage donations to non-profit organizations. We do this by partnering with various non-profits to design a bracelet specific to each charity’s cause. Up until recently, only non-profits could partner with Bead Relief; however, we just revised our business plan to make it possible for schools, business, retails stores, communities and you — yes, YOU as an individual — to get involved with our simplistic model of giving. Now it’s pretty much impossible to not give, share, help and wear.

We want to make it possible for everyone to raise awareness for his/her causes through the sale of our unique bracelets.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. As part of a non-profit: This is our classic partnership and initially motivated us to start Bead Relief. Members of non-profits help us design a bracelet representative of their organizations, which we sell in our Beverly Hills store, online and at events we attend and sponsor. After we sell the bracelets, we donate 25 percent of every bracelet sale back to your organization. “Wearing your charity” has never been more fashionable and profitable!
  2. As part of a corporation: Business and corporations (i.e. sports teams, coffee chains, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.) have the opportunity to work with us to design a bracelet for their companies’ causes. This is perfect for corporate events — think, a bracelet catered toward your corporate social responsibility is a PERFECT gift bag stuffer — or any other corporate function in which giving is involved. Recent partnerships include Hendricks Boards and Living Green.
  3. As a retail owner
  4. As a school member: Schools now have the opportunity to design a bracelet for their schools to raise money for specific charities, school funding and/or financial aid programs. This not only instills school pride but also provides an outlet for kids to get involved with school spirit and give back to their communities
  5. As a brand ambassador: If you are super passionate about Bead Relief and our mission, you can become a sales representative for us. We will provide you with bracelets that you can sell on your own — this is the perfect opportunity to spread awareness on a grassroots level!
  6. As a community or family member: This is one of our favorites! Now, you can create a bracelet for a cause unique to you, your family or your community. If you are struggling to pay medical bills or want to gain exposure for a child’s fight with a disease, for example, you can apply to design a bracelet. We will consider every application and design a special bracelet for each individual situation.

We want to make it possible for anyone and everyone to get involved on a grassroots to corporate level. If you are interested in getting involved via any of these ways, please contact founders John Gornik and Greg Elias at