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Bead Relief Donates to Help Victims of Haiyan

The past two weeks we have been closely following the disaster in the Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan took thousands of Philippine lives. Haiyan was the strongest storm recorded to landfall and tolled over 5,924 deaths in the Philippines alone. As soon as we heard about this disaster we had to act fast.

We have personal connections and stayed connected through the news. Seeing this disaster unfold was heartbreaking. We knew that the people in the Philippines needed all of the relief that they could get.

We researched ways to help, and the best form of relief was through donations, so we acted fast. We designated the red Bead Relief bracelet to the Philippines because one of our close friends Ray had just visited the there and brought us back a red ribbon, which says the islands slogan on it, “It’s more fun in the Philippines”.photo

As of Dec. 5 we  donated $755 through our Philippine relief bracelet sales! This was raised 100%  through the sales of this powerful little bracelet. Without these bracelets this money would have not been raised.

This was only possible because of our loyal Bead Relief Customers and people who helped us along the way! Thank you so much to everyone who bought a Bead Relief Philippine relief bracelet, and a special thanks to Pure Barre Beverly Hills, who donated Pure Barre Classes and helped us sell Philippine relief bracelets in their Store.

We are still selling the Philippine relief bracelets in our effort to continue to raise awareness and donations for the Philippines. The needs and urgency to help is still there, go to  or click on the red bracelet below.

                                                                    Bead Relief Philippine relief bracelet