Bead Relief


As we come close to the end of the year we reflect on the people we have met this year and the incredible work they do. This last summer as we set up our location at the U S Surf open we noticed a booth setting up across from us, Hendrick Boards.  The week went on we got to know them and they are a true example of what kindness and generosity can create. They have made our year a better one by offering their friendship and kindness to us.

Their message is clear, they want to stop abuse to animals, and assist in helping the ones who care for the abused. They do this in a socially conscious and eco- friendly way. They design skateboards and apparel and give a portion of each sale to Animal Shelters and causes.  Their passion is contagious.


We purchased their apparel and we loved it! The California surf lifestyle they stay true to and the comfort and quality of their clothes made their clothes our favorite thing we purchased this year. This led us to collaborate on a bracelet with them.

Hendricks bracelets

The bracelet is available for sale on their website,

and we hope you go check it out and purchase, and share with your friends,

Let’s make a commitment to stay in the fight with them against animal cruelty.

hendricks gifts that save

We just wanted to Thank and give gratitude how great it is to end 2013 with  new friends in our lives, the Hendrick brothers.

hendricks brothers